31 August 2010

September 18, 2010 NMGS Program

Saturday, September 18, 2010, 10:30 AM
Albuquerque Main Library Auditorium
501 Copper NW, Albuquerque NM

The New Mexico Genealogical Society
and the New Mexico DNA Project presents

Angel R. Cervantes

Who will discuss the

Anthropological Genetic Genealogy:

The Moors connection to
New Mexican Families
Haplogroup E1b1b1

In Part I of an ongoing series, Mr. Cervantes will explore the connection between certain New Mexican families and the Moors. Mr. Cervantes will show a short film that will trace the history of these people. He will discuss which families show the markers that are most identified with this ancient civilization.

Angel Cervantes is a History Instructor and the Project Administrator of the New Mexico DNA Project. For more information about the New Mexico DNA Project, visit their website online at: http://www.familytreedna.com/public/NewMexicoDNA/default.aspx

This program is free and open to the public.

For more information about our program, please contact the New Mexico DNA Project at angelrcervantes@yahoo.com. For more information about NMGS programs, visit our website at http://www.nmgs.org/workshop.htm.

30 August 2010

50th Anniversary Conference - October 15th & 16th

New Mexico Genealogical Society
50th Anniversary Conference
October 15-16, 2010
Marriott Pyramid North
515 San Francisco Road NE
Albuquerque, NM
Save by registering early!

- Affordable conference registration!

- Affordable banquet!

- Exceptional speakers, speaking on local genealogy and history:

* Paul Hutton
* Al Regensberg
* Robert J. Torrez
* Richard Melzer
* Rick Hendrix

- Nationally recognized speakers such as:

* Krysten Baca of Ancestry.com
* Jim Greene of FamilySearch.org
* Bennett Greenspan, President of FamilyTreeDNA

- Network with genealogists from around the state and around the country!

- Visit the Land of Enchantment!

For more information, click on this link: www.nmgs.org

11 August 2010

Who Do You Think You Are? Re-runs

This was sent to me by Ancestry.com:


As you may have already heard, NBC is planning to re-air four episodes of the Who Do You Think You Are? series starting on Friday, August 13 at 8/7c.

As a sponsor of NBC during the show, we wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss this Friday night affair, where you can expect to see the repeated episodes that feature Lisa Kudrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emmitt Smith and Brooke Shields.

For those of you who may have missed a few episodes of this family history-focused series, now’s your chance to experience it. You’ll see the celebrities take an amazing voyage to discover more about the ancestors who came before them. Or maybe you’ve already seen all the episodes. If that’s the case, it will still be worth the time to pop some popcorn and sit back to relive the heart-warming journeys that each of the celebrities experienced.

So don’t forget to tune-in to the reruns of Who Do You Think You Are? starting on Friday, August 13 at 8/7c and enjoy the show!

Suzanne Russo Adams, MA, AG®
Content Research Specialist
P 801.705.7996
F 801.705.7602
E sadams@ancestry.com
360 West 4800 North
Provo, UT 84604

09 August 2010

Albuquerque Historical Society Presentation August 21st

I received the following announcement via email:


Bellamah, Malouff, Budagher, Ghattas, Koury: the common denominator to all these well known familiesis the region of the middle east now known as the country of Lebanon. Come hear the fascinating story of how these immigrants began their long journey in the late 1800's to America and ultimately New Mexico. Our speaker is Dr. Monika Ghattas, a long time NM resident and educator. Because of her husband's Lebanese ancestry, Dr. Ghattas began her research some 20 years ago into the reasons for Lebaneseimmigration to New Mexico.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 21. . . 10:15 A.M.

For more information contact Janet Saiers at 299-5019 or jsaiers@msn.com

05 August 2010

Local news anchor is the descendant of Sheriff Brady

In response to an inquiry that I sent to the station, KOB TV confirmed that news anchor Nicole Brady is the descendant of Billy the Kid victim Sheriff William Brady. Here is their short yet definite response via email:

Yes Nicole Brady really is a descendent (sic) of Sheriff Brady.

Julie Szulczewski
News Director

Although I will respect the news anchor's privacy by not trying to discover how she is related to this man, I may in the future post something about Sheriff Brady's 1st generation descendants. Keep a lookout on this blog for more information.

To learn more about Sheriff Brady, check out this NMGS Blog post. There is even a book published about Sheriff Brady, titled simply "Sheriff Brady" by Donald R. Lavash. You can order it through NMGS on Amazon.com and at the same time help support the Albuquerque Special Collections Library.

04 August 2010

Is KOB TV Anchor a Descendant of Sheriff Brady?

Is it true that KOB TV Anchorperson Nicole Brady is the 3rd great-granddaughter of Sheriff William Brady, victim of the Billy the Kid? After reporting about the uproar over whether New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson should pardon the infamous killer, reporter Stuart Dyson mentioned that Nicole Brady was a descendant of Sheriff Brady.

Click on this link to see the report.

According to Don Bullis in his book "New Mexico's Finest", Sheriff Brady and his deputies stepped out of the Lincoln County Courthouse on April 1, 1878 and was ambused by Billy the Kid and eight others. Sheriff Brady was the only one killed. Billy the Kid was tried and convicted for this murder - his only murder conviction. Sentenced to hang, Billy the Kid escaped killing two other lawmen in the process.

William Brady was 49 when he died. He was born in Ireland, and migrated to the US in 1851. Brady came to New Mexico as a soldier. He wife was Bonifacia, and they had nine children. His ninth child, Primitivo. was born after his death.

Source: Don Bullis, "William Brady: County Sheriff", New Mexico Finest: Peace Officers Killed in the Line of Duty 1847-1996 (Santa Fe: New Mexico Department of Public Safety, 1996), pp. 108-109.

2010 Family Reunion at El Rancho de Las Golondrinas

Sunday, August 8th, 2010:
El Rancho de Las Golondrinas 1710 to 2010

In place of an NMGS program in August, we encourage everyone to visit "A Family Reunion: Families of Los Golondrinas" day on Sunday, August 8 at El Rancho de Las Golondrinas. 10 AM to 4 PM

1710 -2010
The Families of Las Golondrinas will celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of the historic Ranch of the Swallows with a reunion Sunday August 8th from 10:00 to 4:00. Festival admission fees apply for this event. Family members are invited to bring a picnic lunch and visit with other members while enjoying the festivities of Summer Festival. Families with pedigree charts are invited to post them in Placita Ortiz to share with visitors and family members alike. Stop at the bookstore and receive your family reunion packet before leaving. Please join us on this very special occasion.

El Rancho de Las Golondrinas is a historic rancho that dates from the early 1700s and served as an important paraje, or stopping point, along the famous Camino Real, the Royal Road from Mexico City to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

El Rancho is now maintained as a living history museum and on Sunday, August 8th, 2010 will have a "Family Reunion" day to honor all the families who lived here during the Spanish Colonial era.

Congratulations, Julia Gomez, a Los Golondrinas volunteer, for winning Best of Show at Spanish Market. Her entry, named Jardin de las Golondrinas, featured traditional colcha embroidery designs of birds and flowers on a white wool sabanilla, or cloth.

**This is not an NMGS event, but we heartily recommend this beautiful ranch and its historical significance. It is now celebrating its 300th Anniversary.

Take: $5.00 for admission, a hat, lunch and water. See: Directions to the ranch. (505) 474-3817.