04 August 2010

Is KOB TV Anchor a Descendant of Sheriff Brady?

Is it true that KOB TV Anchorperson Nicole Brady is the 3rd great-granddaughter of Sheriff William Brady, victim of the Billy the Kid? After reporting about the uproar over whether New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson should pardon the infamous killer, reporter Stuart Dyson mentioned that Nicole Brady was a descendant of Sheriff Brady.

Click on this link to see the report.

According to Don Bullis in his book "New Mexico's Finest", Sheriff Brady and his deputies stepped out of the Lincoln County Courthouse on April 1, 1878 and was ambused by Billy the Kid and eight others. Sheriff Brady was the only one killed. Billy the Kid was tried and convicted for this murder - his only murder conviction. Sentenced to hang, Billy the Kid escaped killing two other lawmen in the process.

William Brady was 49 when he died. He was born in Ireland, and migrated to the US in 1851. Brady came to New Mexico as a soldier. He wife was Bonifacia, and they had nine children. His ninth child, Primitivo. was born after his death.

Source: Don Bullis, "William Brady: County Sheriff", New Mexico Finest: Peace Officers Killed in the Line of Duty 1847-1996 (Santa Fe: New Mexico Department of Public Safety, 1996), pp. 108-109.

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