05 August 2010

Local news anchor is the descendant of Sheriff Brady

In response to an inquiry that I sent to the station, KOB TV confirmed that news anchor Nicole Brady is the descendant of Billy the Kid victim Sheriff William Brady. Here is their short yet definite response via email:

Yes Nicole Brady really is a descendent (sic) of Sheriff Brady.

Julie Szulczewski
News Director

Although I will respect the news anchor's privacy by not trying to discover how she is related to this man, I may in the future post something about Sheriff Brady's 1st generation descendants. Keep a lookout on this blog for more information.

To learn more about Sheriff Brady, check out this NMGS Blog post. There is even a book published about Sheriff Brady, titled simply "Sheriff Brady" by Donald R. Lavash. You can order it through NMGS on Amazon.com and at the same time help support the Albuquerque Special Collections Library.

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