30 April 2008

Doña Eufemia Award

Commemorating the first recorded Thanksgiving held on North American soil, the New Mexican Hispanic Culture Preservation League held a formal banquet on April 19th. Patricia Baca Black Esterly (NMGS web editor) was presented the 2008 Doña Eufemia Award. She received a beautiful retablo of Santiago de Campostela handcrafted by Marie Antoinette Luna.


National History Day winners

National History Day: The New Mexico state finals of National History Day were held Friday, April 25th at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque. Students competed for two prizes at $100.00 each awarded by NMGS member Dr. Thomas G. Munyon and two at $100.00 each by the New Mexico Genealogical Society. The theme for 2008 was "Conflict and Compromise." See 2008 winners in a full report by Karen S. Daniel CGsm.

28 April 2008

NMGS Receives Lansing B. Bloom Award

Click on the image above to get a larger view.

We are proud to announce that the New Mexico Genealogical Society received the Lansing B. Bloom Award on April 25, 2008. This award was presented by the Historical Society of New Mexico "for an outstanding publication by a society or institution." The award was for the 2007 book "Aqui Se Comienza: A Genealogical History of the Founding Families of La Villa de San Felipe de Alburquerque".

The book's primary editor, Gloria M. Valencia y Valdez, accepted the award for the society. NMGS Congratulates Gloria and all of the book's contributors.

Click this link to purchase your copy of "Aqui Se Comienza". ($55.00, softbound. Book # E-13.)

26 April 2008

Update on NM genealogy sources

The New Mexico Death Index Project is still available, but is now at: http://www.usgwarchives.org/nm/deaths.htm.

La Cronica, the Journal of the Historical Society of New Mexico, has been indexed. To search for articles and authors, go to HSNM Programs>Publications>La Cronica.

24 April 2008

Naming Contest for Santa Fe Facility

This notice was once again sent to me by Nancy Brown-Martinez of UNM:

The City of Santa Fe is seeking our input. Submit your recommendation for the name of the new city facility. The convention, conference, civic and cultural facility is scheduled to open the fall of 2008.

Email your submission to: namethecenter@santafe.org or mail your submission to:

Name the Center
c/o Santa Fe CVB
60 E San Francisco St Ste 312
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Each submission must be accompanied by a justification as to why the name should be adopted (limit 100 words).

All submissions must be received by 5:00 PM, Friday, May 2nd, 2008.

Book Signing at UNM Bookstore

From Nancy Brown-Martinez of UNM:

Felipe Gonzales, Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, will sign copies of his edited volume, "Expressing New Mexico: Nuevomexicano Creativity, Ritual, and Memory", this Saturday, April 26, 2008, at 2:00 PM at the University of New Mexico Bookstore.

The book contains essays by many distinguished UNM faculty, such as Enrique La Madrid, Gabriel Melendez, Diana Rebolledo, and Sylvia Rodriguez. All are invited to come.

The University of New Mexico is in Albuquerque, NM. The bookstore is located at 2301 Central Ave. NE, on the NW corner of Cornell and Central Ave., across from the Frontier Restaurant.

23 April 2008

RootsWeb used for Identity Theft

April 18, 2008

California Woman Uses RootsWeb to Commit Identity Theft

Federal prosecutors this week charged a Southern California woman with aggravated identity theft and other crimes for allegedly using a popular genealogy research website to locate people who had recently died, and then taking over their credit cards.

Tracy June Kirkland, 42, allegedly used Rootsweb.com to find the names, Social Security numbers and birth dates of people who, shall we say, had no further need for their consumer credit lines. She then "would randomly call various credit card companies to determine if the deceased individual had an … account," according to the 15-count indictment filed in federal court in Los Angeles Tuesday.

She'd then persuade the issuer to change the mailing address for the dead victim to one of her many rented mail drops in Orange and Riverside counties, and in some cases she'd add her own name as an authorized user of the card, prosecutors say.

You can read the entire story in the Wired web site at http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/04/feds-charge-cal.html. The indictment is available at http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/files/tracy_june_kirkland.pdf.

My thanks to John Ralls for letting me know about this story.

20 April 2008

NM State Finals: National History Day - April 25, 2008

Our own Karen Daniel will be one of the judges at the New Mexico State Finals of the National History Day Competition on April 25, 2008. The event will take place at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is open to the public. Exhibits will be displayed beginning at 8 AM; awards will be presented at 4 PM.

National History Day is a year-long educational program that engages students in grades 6-12 in the process of discovery and interpretation of historical topics. Students produce dramatic performances, individual and group exhibits, multimedia documentaries, and research papers based on research related to an annual theme. These projects are then evaluated at local, state, and national competitions. This year's topic is "Conflict and Compromise in History."

The New Mexico Genealogical Society is sponsoring four $100 Awards for this competition. Last year, we sponsored only two awards. The two additional awards were donated by NMGS member, Dr. Thomas G. Munyon.

For more information, follow these links:

* National History Day

* State Finals of the National History Day Competition

* National Hispanic Cultural Center

Historical Society of New Mexico Annual Conference: April 24-26, 2008

The Historical Society of New Mexico will be holding its Annual Conference on April 24 - 26, 2008 in Deming, New Mexico. As mentioned before on this blog, the New Mexico Genealogical Society is schedule to receive the Lansing B. Bloom Award at the the conference for our publication Aqui Se Comienza.

For more information about this conference, please check on the following link.

Local Family Historian Speaks at April NMGS Meeting

Her family loved to diary and write letters. Today, when all we have are text messaging, e-mails and, yes, even blogs, it's nice to look back to a time when writing was a true craft, and even children could be craftsmen. Jan Bennett displays her family's writings in her book "The Making of a Family: The Pecos years 1916-1940." On April 19, 2008, she presented her book to the New Mexico Genealogical Society, and discussed with the group the process of writing and publishing a family history.

Click on the photos below to see larger views

Mrs. Bennett read excerpts from her book to the audience at Botts Hall, in the Albuquerque Special Collections Library. She and her cousin, Penny Storms, published the book independently in September, 2007. The text includes beautiful, vivid family stories written by Bennett and Storms, as well as original stories and diary entries written by their fathers. Their fathers, Robert and Daniel MacPherson, were encouraged by their own mother to write frequently in their journals, especially when they went on vacation.

The MacPhersons lived in Albuquerque, but every summer the family would vacation at their cabin in Pecos, New Mexico. The brothers, Robert and Danny, would fish, hike and ride horses all summer long. To the delight of the audience, Bennett read aloud excerpts from the brothers' writings which described their adventures in Pecos.

In addition to reading from the book, Bennett also discussed her writing process. She told the audience how she came upon a number of diaries and letters that her family wrote. In order to save these writing for posterity, she and her cousin decided to write this book. She knew her grandparents, and realized that her children and grandchildren needed to know them, too. How better to tell her grandparents' story than through the words of her father and uncle?

She was not able to find a publisher who wanted to publish her book. Luckily, her cousin Penny Storms had been in the publishing business for eleven years. Together, they published the book independently.

Many attendees of the lecture purchased Bennet's book, and she signed copies before leaving. You may find her book at the Page One Bookstore in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The family always waited anxiously for the mail to arrive. Jan displays a mail bag that they used. The writing on the bag reads "D.A. MacPherson; Holy Ghost Canyon; Espirito Santo Canyon; Valley Ranch, N.M."

Jan shows the audience a photocopy of a family diary. The books on the table include diaries, letters, and the original manuscript of her book.

Some of her family's diaries.

Robert MacPherson's drawing of the family's flight to Pensacola, Florida. A figure on the bottom right says "Adios, Folks"; while the figure on the left displays the Florida shore. Robert was apparently very detailed in his drawings: the airplane on top includes its call letters!

Jan Bennett has lived in Albuquerque her whole life. She is a retired Spanish teacher from APS. She is married, and has two grown children. She is a photojournalist and a fine art photographer. She will be a featured artists at the Placitas Artist Series on May 25, 2008 in Placitas, New Mexico.

18 April 2008

UNM Library Fellows to Present Research

The following is from UNM Today

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Each year the Center for Regional Studies and the Center for Southwest Research fund graduate assistantships for students to conserve and research collections at University Libraries. This year the fellows will present their research in a series of talks. All presentations will be in the Willard Room of Zimmerman Library on the UNM main campus.

On Tuesday, April 22 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. five fellows will present their work in four talks.

* “Scanning the Past: Digitization of the William A. Keleher Photograph Collection and Selected Items from the Pictorial Archives” by Kari Schleher and Laura York.

* “From Inquisition to Expeditions: Colonial New Mexico Documents” by Sue Taylor.

* “Conservation and Preservation for Special Collections at the CSWR: Housing Books in Four-Flap and Clamshell Boxes” by Erika Aragon.

* “Collections, Classes and Coffee: The Anderson Fellowship at the CSWR” by Char Perry.

On Tuesday, April 29 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., six fellows will present their work in four presentations.

* “Selling the Romantic: The Landscape of New Mexico’s TB Sanatoriums” by Julie McGilvray.

* “Sanatoriums, Soirees, and the Rise of New Mexico Art Communities” by Ramona Caplan.

* “Histories and Legacies of the New Deal Programs in New Mexico” by Lavinia Nicolae, Sandra Arazi-Coambs and Eric Castillo.”

* “Gloria Montoya Chavez Collection: Enhancing the History of Chicana/o Activism at the University of New Mexico” by Annette Rodriguez.

On Monday, May 5 from 10 a.m. to noon there will be two presentations.

* “Digital Dilemmas: The Advantages and Challenges of Creating Digital Archives” by Sarah Wentzel-Fisher, Katie Councilor, Ruth Cisneros and Brian Luna Lucero.

* “Jenny Vincent: A Retrospective of New Mexico Cultural History through Community Radio and Song” by Theresa Cordova.

The research done by the fellows and their presentations are an easy and interesting way to explore some of the rich cultural history contained in the collections at the Center for Southwest Research. All presentations are free open to the public.

Media Contact: Karen Wentworth, (505) 277-5627; email: kwent2@unm.edu

Elfego Baca Memorial Dedication - May 24, 2008

From the New Mexico Office of State Historian website:

A life size statue will be dedicated of Elfego Baca, deputized at age 19, who fought off 80 Texan Cowboys for over 36 hours in the fall of 1884 at Reserve Territory of New Mexico. Hosted by town of Reserve and the Elfego Baca Band
11 AM: unveiling, barbeque, dance

Where: Reserve, Downtown Plaza
Catron County
Reserve, New Mexico 87830

Date: May 24, 2008

Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Contact: Henry Martinez

Here is a link that has information about the artist.

Here is another link to a YouTube video showing a 3-D blueprint of the Old West Museum. It's cool, you should check it out.

17 April 2008

Died: Andy Segura, NMGS President 1986-1990

Andres Jesus Segura, known as 'Andy' to many members of the Society, passed away on Wednesday, April 17, 2008. Andy had served as NMGS President from 1986 through 1990, and as editor of the New Mexico Genealogist from 1989 through 1996 (during the last years co-edited with Ernie Jaskolski).

From the obituary: A 12th generation New Mexican, Mr. Segura was born September 1948 in the Los Griegos area of Albuquerque. He was a descendant of New Mexico's original Spanish families and the founding families of Albuquerque and Los Griegos. He was the son of Jesus M. and Eufemia Herrera Segura, both of whom preceded him in death. As a genealogical researcher, Andy taught and lectured on the origins of New Mexico's Spanish families for many years.

A mass is set for Saturday, April 19, 11 a.m., at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic church. Other arrangements are available at www.frenchmortuary.com.

16 April 2008

The Bookstore

The NMGS web site has a way to get books for your own library, while at the same time generating some extra income for the Special Collections branch of Albuquerque's Public Library. Simply, be sure to use a link from the NMGS web site to get to Amazon.com. When you make a purchase, a portion of the sale is credited toward a gift certificate for the library's use. Admittedly, it is only a small portion of each sale, but stocking, shipping, and payments are handled by Amazon.com instead of NMGS volunteers. It's a win/win idea. A good idea to remember for buying Christmas gifts, too.

On the other hand, the books published by the New Mexico Genealogical Society (a full list is at www.nmgs.org/books.htm) are stocked, packaged, and mailed by our volunteers. Payment is made directly to NMGS.

15 April 2008

New Address for The New Mexico Death Index Project

Both Pat Esterly and Nancy Anderson let me know about this link.

The New Mexico Death Index Project has a new web address: http://www.usgwarchives.org/nm/deaths.htm.

This private project is a database of nearly 51,000 names of people who died in New Mexico between the years of 1899-1949. Sam Quito Padilla Gonzales, a member of NMGS, headed up this project. The site is hosted by USGenWeb.

The site includes instructions on how to access death certificates listed in this database.

Link to the New Mexico Death Index Project.

Link to Instructions on How to Access NM Death Certificates.

"Kiva, Cross and Crown" Online!

Searching for something else, I found a free, electronic copy of John Kessell's "Kiva, Cross and Crown" online! This is on the National Park Service's website.

This is a very good book about 300 years of Spanish / Pueblo interaction and conflict. I have a copy of this book at home. However, my copy is better: it's signed by the author.

I found this site by following a link that showed Miera's 1758 Map of New Mexico. (Actually, it's a reproduction of the map as the original is lost or destroyed.)

14 April 2008

April 2008 NMGS Newsletter

April 2008 Newsletter

Table of Contents

1. President’s Message
2. Upcoming Programs
3. NMGS Launches Blog
4. Write an Article for the New Mexico Genealogist
5. Looking for County Records
6. NMGS Website
7. NMGS Press
8. Subscribe

1. President’s Message

Once again, we have a great program this month. Jan Bennett speaks about her book “The Making of a Family: The Pecos Years 1916-1940.” Please come join us on April 19th at the Special Collections Library to see this program.

Beginning this month, NMGS launches its blog! You may subscribe to the blog to get up to date information about NMGS and other organizations of interest.

For more information about these items and more, please read below.


Robert Baca, President NMGS

2. Upcoming Program

Saturday April 19, 2008, 10:30 AM, Special Collections Library, 423 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM (NW corner of Edith and Central)

Jan Bennett will give a presentation on her book The Making of a Family: The Pecos Years 1916-1940 (written in collaboration with her cousin Penny Storms.) Jan will talk about her family’s experiences in New Mexico. Her great-uncles, the Grant brothers, were railroad contractors who also owned many Albuquerque businesses such as the water works, the icehouse, the Grant Opera House and the Albuquerque Morning Journal. The city of Grants, NM is named after them. Their nephew, Jan’s grandfather, followed his uncles to New Mexico to help out with their businesses. This is also a story about his family.

Jan will read excerpts from her book, which includes personal reminisces, letters and diaries. Copies of her book will be available for purchase. Come join us on April 19th to listen to this dynamic speaker.

Saturday May 17, 2008, 10:30 AM, Special Collections Library, 423 Central Ave. NE, Albuquerque, NM (NW corner of Edith and Central.)
Workshop program: to be announced.

All programs are open and free to the public. For more information about these programs, please visit our website at http://www.nmgs.org/workshop.htm.

3. NMGS Launches Blog

The New Mexico Genealogical Society joins other genealogical organizations throughout the country by hosting its own blog. You may ask “what is a blog?” “Blog” is short for “web log”. It is a type of website that offers postings in chronological order: the most recent postings can be found on the top of the web page, while older posts are found below. Organizations use blogs to send out announcements to their membership, post links to helpful websites, and to show photographs of past events. NMGS will be using its blog in these ways.

The NMGS Blog will not replace our current website. Our website (www.nmgs.org) will not change. On our website, you will still find announcements, website and e-mail links, and articles that you will not find on the blog. Also on the conventional website, you will find forms, membership information, and listings of our books and journal issues.

Please visit our blog: it can be found at http://nmgsblog.blogspot.com. Notice on the top right hand corner of the page, you will find a box that allows you to subscribe it. If you subscribe, you can have blog postings sent directly to you via e-mail.

4. Write an Article for the New Mexico Genealogist

We all have an interest in genealogy. That is why we are members of a NMGS. We all want to tell stories about our ancestors. We want to make sure that our children and our grandchildren know where their families came from and who they were. Tell your story in our journal; write an article for the New Mexico Genealogist.

We are not necessarily looking for long articles; in fact, short articles are just fine.

Maybe you think that you can’t write your family history right now because you’re not finished. When are genealogists ever finished? There is always more to find out about our ancestors. Oftentimes we write articles just to ask questions: others who read our articles may have the answers that we seek. When we have the answers, then we can write another article describing our findings.

If you have never written an article for our journal, consider writing one now. If you have written many articles, we will happy to accept your next article.

You may submit an article to us by mailing it to:

New Mexico Genealogical Society
Attn: New Mexico Genealogist editor
PO Box 27599
Albuquerque, NM 87125-7559

Or, send an e-mail to our editor, Russ Shaw, at rfshaw@vla.com.

5. Looking for County Records

Do you know where to find hidden records in your county’s archives? We are looking for articles about county records. Share your information with us: write an article and submit it to the New Mexico Genealogist at the mailing or e-mail addresses above.

6. NMGS Website

Here are a few things that you can find on the NMGS website:

Locating Catholic Church Records in New Mexico, http://www.nmgs.org/Chrchs-intro.htm

Valencia County, NM Census Records 1870, 1880, 1885, by David C. Gonzales: http://www.nmgs.org/census-Valencia%20Co.htm

3 Tools for Documenting Your New Mexico Roots (Starter Forms): http://www.nmgs.org/primera.htm.

Check out these online articles and more at the NMGS website: http://www.nmgs.org

7. NMGS Press

Did you know that we have many New Mexican census record books? Here is a listing of just a few:

1850 Territorial Censuses – four volumes $16.00 to 18.00 each, or all four for $60.00.
NM Spanish and Mexican Colonial Censuses, 1790, 1823, 1845 - $24.00.
Spanish and Mexican Censuses of NM, 1750-1830 - $24.00
1890 New Mexico Tax Assessments: A Territorial Census Substitute - $25.00.

You can order these books and many, many more on the NMGS Press webpage at http://www.nmgs.org/books.htm

8. Subscribe

If you are not subscribed to this newsletter and you wish to have it e-mailed to you every month, send us an e-mail to abqbobcat@nmia.com. Type in the subject line “Subscribe: NMGS Newsletter”.

01 April 2008

Medieval New Mexico Lecture Series, UNM

This notice was sent to me by Nancy Brown Martinez from the Center of Southwest Research, University of New Mexico Library.

UNM'S INSTITUTE for Medieval Studies hosts its 23rd Spring Lecture Series, "Medieval New Mexico: A Celebration of Tradition and Cultural Interaction in the Land of Enchantment," Monday, March 31-Thursday, April 3. The series includes six lectures and a concert. All sessions will take place in Woodward Hall room 101 on the main UNM campus. The event, supported by a grant from the New Mexico Humanities Council, is free and open to the public.

For more information, follow this link.

"New" Gurule Family Website

I just received an e-mail informing me that there is a new Gurule Family Website. Apparently, this one replaces the old Gurule website. I thought I would share it with you.

From the website:

Jacques Grolet, born about 1663, was the son of Yvon Grolet and Marie Odon. He was baptized at the Church of St. Jean in La Rochelle, France. He and two friends, Jean L’Archeveque and Pierre Meusnier, had been members of the ill-fated La Salle Expedition of 1685-1687. Grolet and L’Archeveque spent several years in the Indian nations of Texas, and five years later surrendered to the Spaniards who found them there. Later reunited with Meusnier, the three men spent two years imprisoned in Cadiz, Spain, until their release in 1692. The conditions of their release required they become Spanish citizens and return to New Spain. As was custom in those days with non-Spaniards, his name was changed to Santiago Gurulé. On 10 December 1699, he married Elena Gallegos in Bernalillo, New Mexico.

This website includes a lot of interesting information about the Gurule family, including DNA results of family members. Click on this link to find out more.

Thanks to Angela Lewis for notifying me about this website.