20 June 2013

June 2013 New Mexico Genealogist

The June 2013 issue of the New Mexico Genealogist has been sent out!

Articles include:
* "Lorenzo Padilla and Maria Josefa Montoya: Early Residents of Socorro" by Robert J. C. Baca. This article extends the information about the family of one of the men listed in an 1818 military campaign contribution schedule of Socorro. This family was briefly mentioned in a previous article by the author. (Correction to the printed article, Robert Baca's website address is www.nmgenealogy.blogspot.com.)

* "The Ancestry of Jose Ramon Martin of La Estaca: Descendant of Pedro Martin Serrano" by Carmalee Owen. Using a 1893 document found on the Internet, the author traces the family's history down the generations. She discusses the Sebastian Martin Land Grant and includes the details of a will written by Sebastian's widow.

* "Antonio Sisneros of San Juan de los Caballeros: His Three Wives and Nine Children" by Henrietta M. Christmas and Patricia S. Rau. This article by two prolific and expert genealogists tells the story of a "third generation post-Revolt child who grew up in the San Juan de los Caballeros area and remained there throughout his whole life." The lives of Sisneros' children of detailed with transcriptions of documents.

* "Revisiting the 1750 Spanish Colonial Census" by Henrietta Martinez Christmas. The author describes why the 1750 census is not a census at all, but rather a church document and why this difference is important in understanding its contents.

* "San Isidro Catholic Cemetery in Agua Negra (now Holman), New Mexico Part II", by Alfonso Daniel Martinez

* "Santa Fe County Assessment Records, 1870-1883 Part IV" by Linda Tigges and Barbara Dodson.

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