23 December 2009

New Mexico DNA Project

New Mexico DNA Project

Project Background:

The New Mexico DNA Project will cover the colonial expeditions of New Mexico by the Spanish in 1598 and 1693, by the Mexicans in 1821, and by the Americans in 1848. The New Mexico DNA Project will encompass not only Hispanics, but also Anglo-Americans who have come to New Mexico.

In the years just after the Conquest of the New World, the Native-American population was decimated by disease and war, leaving a relatively small gene pool of Native-American, Spanish, French, and English ancestors.

DNA studies on Hispanics show a higher European admixture. *Anthropologist Andrew Merriwether and colleagues conducted a study on Hispanics living in Colorado. Using classic genetic markers they estimated an admixture of 67% European and 33% Native-American.

He further tested their mitochondrial DNA (mtdna) which is a test to find the origins of your great, great...grandmother, going back 10's of thousands of years. This one ancestor which is your families "Eve" so to speak, showed up as Native-American 85% of the time and European in origin 15% of the time. Thus showing that the majority of unions in this admixture were of European males and Native-American females.

Project Goals:

To find our ancient origins, whatever they may be. To discover previously unknown living relatives. To determine migration patterns of different families. To see if similar sounding surnames are related. To discover how closely related all of us really are. To share this information with others so that we can learn more about where we came from.

How to join this DNA project:

FamilyTreeDNA offers a discount on their 12 marker test ($99 +P/H, the price of several genealogy books) and their 25 marker test ($124 +P/H) or the 37 marker test ($149 +P/H) to those participating in a DNA Project. Since women do not have Y-chromosome DNA they would need the assistance of a brother, Uncle or other male relative with the family surname.

In order to join the "New Mexico DNA Project" and get this discount just go to this link, or contact Angel R. Cervantes at angelrcervantes@yahoo.com.

Just decide on the 12 marker test or the 25, 37, or 67 Y-dna marker test. The 37 or 67 marker tests are more economical in the long run. All tests show the group discount of $99 for the 12 marker test, $124 for the 25 marker test, $149 for the 37 marker test, and $239 for the 67 marker test. The test results take about 4 to 6 weeks from the time FamilyTreeDNA gets your sample.

To see project results go to this website: http://www.familytreedna.com/public/NewMexicoDNA

Disclaimer: Only Family Tree DNA benefits monetarily from those who sign up to the New Mexico DNA Project