10 February 2008

February 2008 NMGS Newsletter

New Mexico Genealogical Society
PO Box 27559, Albuquerque, NM 87125-7559
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E-mail Newsletter
February 2008

Table of Contents
1. President’s Message
2. 2008 Membership Dues
3. Upcoming Programs
4. E-mail and Snail Mail Woes
5. Links
6. NMGS Website
7. Subscribe / Unsubscribe

1. President’s Message


First, I wish to introduce myself. My name is Robert J. C. Baca and I am the President of the New Mexico Genealogical Society. I took office on January 1, 2008. I look forward to the upcoming year. We will have a number of fantastic programs this year, but more on that later.

As part of my duties, I will be sending out an E-mail newsletter at the beginning of each month. These newsletters will include information about upcoming events and news from the New Mexico Genealogical Society.

2. 2008 Membership Dues

It’s time to renew your New Mexico Genealogical Society membership for 2008. You still have time to renew it at the standard rate of $25.00 a year. If you wait until after March 1st, you will have to pay an extra $5.00 to defray individual postal costs. So please renew your membership today!

Membership has its privileges. First, you will receive the quarterly journal the New Mexico Genealogist. This year’s issues promise to be good ones. Second, you will receive free shipping for books published by our own NMGS Press. You can even get discounts on certain items such as the 3rd Edition of Genealogical Resources of New Mexico and The New Mexico Genealogist: The First 40 years on CD. Third, you can use your membership to meet others who have an interest in New Mexico genealogy like you do.

To renew your membership, go to the following link, complete the form and send it to the New Mexico Genealogical Society with a check or money order:


3. Upcoming Programs

Saturday February 16, 2008, 10:30 A.M., Botts Hall, Special Collections Library, Edith and Central NE, Albuquerque, NM.

Former NMGS President Nancy Anderson will be holding an interactive workshop titled “Searching for New Mexican Ancestors through the Internet”. Nancy will share websites that are useful to people researching New Mexican genealogy. She encourages attendees to share websites that you have found useful.

Saturday March 15, 2008, 10:30 A.M., Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and the Arts, 251 Main St., Los Lunas, NM.

Celebrate with us the newly opened Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and the Arts by attending a presentation by noted genealogist Francisco Sisneros. Francisco will be telling the story of “Ana de Sandoval y Manzanares: Woman of Perseverance and Triumph”. This woman from history was recently selected to represent Valencia County in the New Mexico Historic Marker Initiative.

This program is our first “field trip” traveling program of the year. We intend to bring our programs to three New Mexico cities this year.

Prior to this presentation, the director of the Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and the Arts invites you to attend the Grand Opening of the museum on February 29, 2008. Please come join other NMGS members at this opening.

All programs are open and free to the public. For more information about these programs, please visit our website at http://www.nmgs.org/workshop.htm. You can also find on this page a map to the Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and the Arts.

4. E-Mail and Snail Mail Woes

We are having a few problems with our e-mail: it is bouncing. If you are having problems contact us, please send an e-mail to my personal account instead: abqbobcat@nmia.com. You may also call me at (505) 299-7883. We are working to get this problem fixed.

Unfortunately, we are also having problems with the post office, too. If your mail was sent back to you, please contact me. I will find a solution. We are working with the post office to make sure that this problem does not happen again.

- Robert Baca, NMGS President

5. Links

As a way to prepare for the March program in Los Lunas, I wish to share these websites links with you:

Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and the Arts official website


“Commission Recommends Five Names for Historic Road Markers” in the Valencia County News Bulletin.com


Press Release “First Lady Barbara Richardson to Attend Event Honoring New Mexican Women”


6. NMGS Website

Visit the New Mexico Genealogical Society website at


Keep up with NMGS News, find online articles, order books, and much, much more.

A listing of the books published by NMGS Press can be found at


Online articles are at


7. Subscribe / Unsubscribe

If someone forwarded this newsletter to you and you wish to subscribe, please send me an E-mail at abqbobcat@nmia.com. Put in the subject line the word “Subscribe: NMGS Newsletter”.

If you do not wish to receive this E-mail newsletter, please send me an E-mail at abqbobcat@nmia.com. Put in the subject line the word “Unsubscribe: NMGS Newsletter”.

05 February 2008

Internet Workshop at the Special Collections Library

A workshop presented by the New Mexico Genealogical Society
Saturday, February 16, 2008,
10:30 A.M.
Botts Hall,
Special Collections Library,
Edith Blvd. and Central Ave., Albuquerque, N.M.

An interactive workshop
Searching for New Mexican Ancestors through the Internet

Facilitated by Nancy Anderson
Past President, New Mexico Genealogical Society

Nancy will discuss and demonstrate websites for finding New Mexico roots. This workshop is interactive. Attendees are encouraged to share examples of web sites that they have found useful.

The workshop is free and open to the public. You will find it helpfulwhether you have just begun researching your family history, you are a seasoned genealogist, or somewhere in between.
Coming soon: an announcement about a March 15, 2008 NMGS program at the Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and Arts.