13 February 2009

Time to Renew/Start Your NMGS Membership

It's not too late to renew or begin your membership with the New Mexico Genealogical Society. If you send us an application by March 1st, the membership fee is only $25. After March 1st, you will have to add $5 for shipping.

What are the benefits of membership?

* FREE shipping on orders for books by NMGS Press.

* The information-packed New Mexico Genealogist in your mailbox each quarter.

* An index each December, covering all issues of the Genealogist that year.

* You'll confer with others who understand your interest (obsession?) in genealogy.

...and the most important benefit: you'll help support your state genealogical society. Help us continue our mission

To promote, develop, and encourage genealogical research, to preserve and perpetuate the records of ancestry and public records, and to make genealogical and historical information available to all through publications, meetings, and workshops. (citation)

Click on this link to join: Membership Form

For more information, click on this link: Membership

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