07 February 2009

Free Genealogy Database Software

A reader of this blog sent me a link to a free genealogy database software program. It can be found at the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints) FamilySearch website.

Anyone who has been doing researching for a while realizes that the LDS Church is in the forefront of genealogy research. They invented GEDCOM*, which is a basic program that is used in almost every genealogy database software.

Although you may wish to find a better database program later, the free program on this site allows the novice genealogist to begin organizing his or her information. It also allows you to print up rudimentary forms such as pedigree charts and family group sheets. If you are new to the hobby, and have never used a genealogy program, you will first want to read the users manual that is included with the download.

The Free PAF Family History Software can be found as a link on the FamilySearch home page at this link.

Please make sure that the program is compatible with your computer before downloading.

Thanks to Marie B. of Spokane, WA for this link.

* After the initial posting of this article, the NMGS website editor, Patricia Black Esterly, reminded me that we had an article about GEDCOM on the NMGS website. "GEDCOM Explained" was written by Richard Eastman on his online newsletter. We republished the article on our website with his permission. Click on this link to read the article.


Colin said...

Thank you very much for the heads up,this will help me out a great deal!

Robert Baca said...

Your welcome. It's a really nice starter program. As you do more research, you may wish to buy a better program. However, it's sufficient for the newbie genealogist.