05 February 2009

Links: Genealogy Help and Forms

I was surfing the web, and found the following links that should be of interest to researchers both old and new.

* Help for Genealogy Researches - This site has basic info for those who are just Getting Started, pages on how to find names including Seventeen Ways to Find a Maiden Name, and a list of Old Occupations Explained. This site is presented by USGenWeb.

* First Steps Free Genealogy Tool Kit - this PDF file includes basic forms such as a pedigree chart, a family group record and U.S. Census abstract forms. There are also instructions on how to use these forms. This is on the Lineages, Inc. website.

* Free Interactive Pedigree Chart - on this PDF file, you will be able to type names, dates and other info onto a four generation pedigree chart. However, since it is a PDF file, you won't be able to save the document. Make sure to print before closing the file. This is found on the About.com: Genealogy site.

Please send me an E-mail at abqbobcat@nmia.com if you have any suggestions for links that are of genealogical interest.

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