12 December 2011

NMGS Facebook Page

It's not new, and it's not a secret, but you may not know about the New Mexico Genealogical Society's Facebook Page.

Connect with others who are interested in New Mexico genealogy. You can post queries about your ancestry. Maybe someone will be able to give you the answer that you are looking for. Or maybe you will be able to answer someone else's questions....

As always, you should always do your own research. NMGS does not guarantee that any of the information posted on the site is correct. However, it may guide you towards the answer to your genealogical questions.

Click on this link to join the NMGS Facebook Page.

Other great things about the Facebook page:
* Get news about NMGS and other genealogical and historical societies
* Post photos of your ancestors
* Discuss your favorite books and other research material.
* Post stories about your ancestors
* ... and so much more.

See you on Facebook!

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