30 December 2011

Beyond Origins of New Mexico Families

Many of you may know about the former website "Beyond Origins of New Mexico Families". On this website Jose Antonio Esquibel and other genealogists posted articles that corrected mistakes and expanded genealogies from Fray Angelico Chavez's work "Origins of New Mexico Families". However, this website disappeared from the web some time ago and genealogists dispaired.

Well it's time to rejoice! The New Mexico Office of State Historian website appears to contain all of the articles. Click on this link, click on "people" and then click on "names" (it is one of the circles that you find on the left-hand side of the page.) You should then see a list of names. Click on the name that you wish to read and enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

I am new to tracing my geneology. i have found that my father's side of the family are paternal trujillo from new mexico. my great grandfather was fidel archibeque trujillo. his mother was crusita archibeque from zuni tribe isletta pueblo. My grandfather was John benevides Trujillo. How can I get more information about my family tree from the geneological society. I am told the trujillo family is from spain. I was told we were also native american and census reports say crusita was Zuni, from isletta tribe. I am finding also the archibeque can also be french. is there some type of DNA test to confirm my lineage? if anyone can help or if you are tracing your family and the names sound familiar please reply.