22 December 2011

1598 New Mexico Blog

Any of you out there who know Henrietta Martinez Christmas know that she is probably one of the best ... darn ... New Mexico genealogist out there. She is also a ... darn ... good historian, too. Well, she's sharing her research on the 1598 New Mexico Blog. She's already posted a few articles on her blog, and their good.

Anyhow, Henrietta is a constant workhorse. She's published a number of books, many, many articles, been on the boards of the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center, Historical Society of New Mexico, and the New Mexico Genealogical Society. I tapped her last year to co-ordinate our conference, and she is going to edit the New Mexico Genealogist next year. And that's just a few things that she's done. Honestly.

Rumor has it that she was partially inspired to do a blog by a certain NMGS president who publishes a couple of blogs himself.

If you are interested in her blog - and you should be - check on this link.

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