01 October 2009

UNM Lecture: The Santa Fe House

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Lecture and booksigning for

Historic Residences, Enchanting Adobes and Romantic Revivals
by Margaret Moore Booker

Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 1:00 p.m.
Willard Room, Zimmerman Library
Main Campus, UNM, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico has a rich history in architecture. The high desert climate and mountainous terrain has shaped and reshaped building design, fusing Pueblo- style housing with modern concepts. In THE SANTA FE HOUSE, Margaret Moore Booker, features key examples of the region’s most important residences.

THE SANTA FE HOUSE presents forty picturesque residences, ranging from the earliest one-story adobe structures to today’s bungalow and Mission style homes, demonstrating deep roots in Pueblo, Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo traditions. It includes the best of the so-called “Southwest Territorial Style,” introduced by newcomers from the East after 1846, as well as houses revealing Victorian influences. Her new color photographs show Santa Fe’s most beautiful houses,carefully preserved today.

Historic black-and-white photographs, maps, floor plans, and other original illustrations further enhance the story of Santa Fe.

Santa Fe is commemorating its 400th Anniversary in 2009 and 2010. Just in time for the celebration, SANTA FE HOUSE provides a comprehensive survey of the historic architectural styles of the city and is a useful guide for both tourists and homeowners.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Margaret Moore Booker is the author of numerous books and articles on art, architecture, and women’s history. She is co-author of Sea-Captains’ Houses and Rose-Covered Cottages: The Architectural Heritage of Nantucket Island (Universe/Rizzoli).Open to the public.For more info write to Audra Bellmore at abellmor@unm.edu or call the Center for Southwest Research at 505-277-6451.

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