24 October 2009

Too early for Christmas shopping?

Nah, it's never too early to shop for Christmas, especially in these unsure economic times. I know plenty of people who begin shopping in October. Heck, a certain retail store - that will remain nameless here - is already advertising for layaway.

Are you one of those people who shop early. Are you thinking about shopping at Amazon.com? Well, if you are, consider shopping through the NMGS's link for Amazon.com . (The Albuquerque Genealogical Society also sponsors this link.) If you shop through us, a percentage of the proceeds will go towards our fund. That fund is only used to buy books for the Albuquerque Special Collections Library.

To buy books from our link, you can either:

* Go to the NMGS website and click on the Amazon.com link under the "Bookstore" heading; or,

* Go to the side margin of this blog and click on the Amazon.com link; or,

* Simply click on this link.

By the way, the books from the NMGS Bookstore also make great gifts for your favorite genealogist, even your favorite genealogist is yourself. Click on this link to purchase our books.

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