26 April 2009

New Mexico Genealogical Connections

Recently, I discovered three bloggers that have New Mexico connections. I would like to share them with you here:

* We Tree - Amy Coffin may live in Texas, but she has family in Las Vegas, New Mexico

* "LoLyn" of Utah has seven blogs that feature New Mexico, Mexican and Spanish genealogy and culture: Genealogy, I'm Doing it, My Genealogy has a few posts about New Mexico; New Mexico Bustamante Family; Baca Family History; New Mexico Baca Family History (the Bacas are such an extensive family, she had to have two blogs on the subject); Spaniards and Conquistadores; My Family of Origin has posts about her New Mexican family; Ancestors has a few articles about Mexico and Spain; and last, but not least, Our Mexican Folk Songs. Is that all, LoLyn?

* Cimarron Publishing (or alternatively, "Sernas of the World"), is a blog by long time researcher Louis Serna. Not only is it a blog for Serna's publishing company, but it also includes a number of stories about Sernas throughout history and living today (when you're on the site, scroll down to read their stories.)

If you know of any other blogs that have New Mexico Genealogical Connections, please let me know by sending me an e-mail at abqbobcat@nmia.com. I'll be happy to post them on the NMGS Blog.

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LoLyn said...

No that is not all. There are dozens. Ancestors, genealogy, Turn the Hearts of the Children I, II are historically factual and socially, culturally, politically factual reports with my own two youngest traveling through time and space to meet and greet their ancestors over 400 years of NM history. III is written by Uncle Eliseo Baca, and IV is about my father's side, Jacobs, a well known name in Apache county Arizona, Charles Glenn Jacobs, Concho Glenn Trading Post at the bottom of the hill from St. Johns.
My 7 beautiful Children is just that iunder construction, family of origin, and many others. Others are on my profession as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Professional Licensed Educator in Utah. Thank you for "discovering me" in my dusty little corner of the internet.