26 April 2009

New Publication: Santa Fe Plaza Historic Deed Study CD

A New CD created by Tiggs Planning Consultants and published by the New Mexico Genealogical Society!


A CD of the Santa Fe Plaza Historic Deed Study is now available from the New Mexico Genealogical Society. The Deeds Study, completed in 1989 with funds from a New Mexico State Historic Preservation grant, was the result of an exhaustive search for deeds and related documents providing information on the Santa Fe Plaza area from Spanish occupation up to 1860.

The Deeds study is a unique report that provides information for historians, archaeologists, and historic preservationists. It is also of use to families doing research on family trees and property ownership.

The preparation of the CD was by Tigges Planning Consultants, Inc. and was funded by the City of Santa Fe. Note that the information may be retrieved either by using the indexes or by name or key word.

Sources searched for deeds and other documents include the NM Archives, Santa Fe Archdiocese; Santa Fe County, University of New Mexico Southwest Room Archives, and the Bancroft Library at the University of California. Other relevant documents were also included such as wills, inventories and government reports. Information on the CD includes the following:

A user’s guide;
A transcript of the written documents;
An English translation of Spanish documents;
Indexes for:
Names appearing in each document;
Key words, for example: Acequia Madre, camino, guerta;
Date of document;
Source of document; and
Buyers and sellers.

Copies of the CD are available for $20.00 ($10.00 for Libraries). Click here for order Form.

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