31 January 2015

A list of Five Waves of New Mexico Settlers

 Jose Antonio Esquibel is one of the better researchers of New Mexico genealogy and history. Living in Colorado, Esquibel has written a number of books and articles about the first Hispanic colonists of New Mexico. Books he has co-authored and edited include "The Spanish Recolonization of New Mexico: An Account of the Families Recruited at Mexico City in 1693", "A Tapestry of Kinship" and "Juan Dom√≠nguez de Mendoza: Soldier and Frontiersman of the Spanish Southwest, 1627-1693".

Recently, Esquibel posted on the New Mexico Genealogical Society's Facebook page a list of early Spanish settlers of New Mexico. If you are looking to find where and when your Bernal, Baca, Lopez, Quintana and Zamora (and many, many more) ancestors came to this region, look no further than the list that Jose Antonio Esquibel created. Click on the link below to read the list.

Five Waves of New Mexico Settlers

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