20 August 2013

NMGS Website

Have you visited the NMGS website lately?

* Did you know that you find out about the next programs that we are presenting?

* Did you know that you find out about programs put on by other organizations?

* Did you know that you can find out about new publications by our organization, and that you are able to see a catalogue of all of our books online? (You may order them by printing out a form from the site.)

* Did you know that we have a Locating Catholic Church Records page, and that you can find where just about any sacramental records may be?

* Did you know we have links to the Beyond Origins website, an updated Martin Serrano genealogy, Burial Records in the Rio Abajo, New Mexico Roots, Ltd., and many other great resources?

* Did you know that you can print up a membership form so that you can become a member of NMGS?

Well, now you do. Visit the NMGS website today at www.nmgs.org

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