15 July 2012

An Updated Martin Serrano Genealogy

An Updated Martín Serrano Genealogy

José Antonio Esquibel has just completed a compilation of the first three generations of the Martín Serrano genealogy. Prefaced by Henrietta Martínez Christmas, the attached PDF includes documentation and digital images of key primary record.

The document "is intended for sharing and for wide distribution for personal, educational and non-commercial use. Descendants of Hernán Martín Serrano are encouraged to use the material below to update their genealogy charts and software databases and to copy the source citations provided in the Endnotes."

Those engaged in New Mexican genealogical research know Hernán Martín Serrano for at least two reasons:
(1) He was a soldier who was among the first Juan de Oñate colonists who came in 1598 to what is now New Mexico.
(2) He is the progenitor of Martinez line from which many of us descend.

Click this link to download your copy of José Antonio Esquibel's compilation.

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