28 October 2010

Migration Routes, Roads and Trails

I recently took a genealogy class at my church. Our instructor showed us a number of websites that showed routes, roads and trails that have historically been used by people as they have migrated across the country. Below are some of the links we discussed. Click on the words below to access the links:

* Cyndi's List: Migration Routes, Roads and Trails - a large list of trail themed websites.

* Historic American Roads and Migration Routes - Includes descriptions, maps and even photos of trails throughout the United States.

* Early American Roads and Trails - This site was listed as one of the 101 BestWebsites for 2010 by Family Tree Magazine. It contains hand drawn maps and descriptions of various routes.

A good suggestion that was given by our instructor: if you wish to find out more about your family who traveled along specific trails, then you should research the stops along the trail. Find out if your ancestors left documentation along the trails.

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