22 July 2010

Hidden Cemetery in Bernalillo, NM

An old cemetery in Bernalillo, NM that was discovered a couple of months ago is being restored. The following information is from the KRQE Channel 13 website:

BERNALILLO, N.M. (KRQE) - The town of Bernalillo uncovered 200 years of history. Neighbors discovered an old cemetery south of U.S. Highway 550 near the railroad just two months ago.

Weeds and shrubs grew over the tombstones. Some of the graves date back to the 1800s. Few people even knew the cemetery existed.

"A lot of people walk by this cemetery on [a] particular path and don't even realize it's there," said Roxanne Smyth.

Click on this link to read the rest of the story and to view photos of the cemetery.

Did you know there is also a hidden cemetery in Socorro County, in the town of Lemitar? Click on this link to read more.

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