20 September 2009

Evangelist for African Ancestored Genealogy

George Geder, self-described "evangelist for African ancestored genealogy", posted to his blog a link titled "Where are the African Americans in Santa Fe?" This article is his debut column in Examiner.com, a website that emphasizes local information.

In the article, Geder notes that there are not many African Americans in Santa Fe, pointing out census statistics that show only 0.7% of Santa Fe is African American. However, he goes on to describe how African Americans enriched Santa Fe's history for over 400 years.

Another link on his post is for an article that he wrote for Shades of the Departed. In additon to being a genealogist, Geder is a photo restoration artist. In the article, he describes how to do what he calls a "background check": making the background of a photograph black and white, while leaving the foreground subject color. He uses Photoshop to create this effect, which mutes the "busy" background that can be found on some photos.

Read more of George Geders posts on his blog by clicking on this link.

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