30 August 2009

Correcting Bataan History

An article about a mis-captioned photo from World War II appeared in today's Albuquerque Sunday Journal.

According to the copyrighted article published on 31 August 2009:

"Four New Mexico veterans who survived the Bataan Death March and imprisonment at the infamous Camp O’Donnell POW camp say the caption on a historic photograph of prisoners carrying bodies of men who purportedly died during the Death March is inaccurate.

"The photo, distributed worldwide by The Associated Press for decades, is actually a shot of prisoners carrying the bodies of comrades who died at Camp O’Donnell to a mass grave days or weeks after the Death March ended, the men say."

12,000 Americans and 66,000 Filipinos were captured by the Japanese in 1942 and marched for six days on the Bataan Peninsula. Many died. 1,800 of the American soldiers were New Mexican National Guardsmen.

Click on the link below to read the article and view the accompaning video.

Correcting Bataan History

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