04 October 2008

Inquiry: Photos of the Kavanaugh Family

The pictures below were sent to me by Rebekah Sanchez. They are of people that she hasn't been able to recognize. If you know who these people are, please send me a message at abqbobcat@nmia.com or post a comment to this blog.

The words that follow are Rebekah's descriptions of the photos:

I'm told that the Kavanaugh family photo was taken around 1915, and I think that's about right because the children in front were born in 1909 & 1910. They look like they are 4 & 5ish. From the left, there is Felix Kavanaugh, Rufino Kavanaugh (with hands in pocket), Nicolas Kavanaugh. Then there are the mystery ladies. I'm told that these ladies are Lucia & Julia Kavanaugh (Juan F. Kavanaugh's daughters), Henrietta Delgado Kavanaugh (Nicolas Kavanaugh's wife), & Rupertita Kavanaugh(Juan D. Kavanaugh's daughter). However, depending on who I talk to any of the four ladies in the picture could be any of the 4 named. Still in the back is Juan F. Kavanaugh, another of his sons Juan D. Kavanaugh, and Abraham Kavanaugh. Then the second row, the two on the left are two of the mystery ladies, then Melecia C. de Baca Kavanaugh & Margarita Salazar Kavanaugh. In front are the children of Juan D. Kavanaugh & Margarita Salazar: Ignacio Enrique Kavanaugh (b. 1910) & Mary Kavanaugh (b. 1909). Does anyone know for sure which lady is which? Lucia was born in 1893 and Julia in 1895. Henrietta Delgado Kavanaugh born ca. 1894 and Rupertita Kavanaugh in 1904.

Personally, I think that the lady directly to the right of Rufino looks like a little girl, and would be Rupertita. At the reunion, Julia and Lucia's descendants claim it's Julia or Lucia, and that she looks like an adult.

Then there is the very old Kavanaugh picture. At the bottom it is labeled 'Kavanaugh family.' My cousin Tita K. Lopez has his picture, and does not recoginize anyone in the photo (neither do I). This photo appears to be taken at the same house as the 1915 photo. Maybe the guy in the photo to the left of the doorway is Juan F. Kavanaugh? Some of the little kids may be his (Felix, Rufino, Lucia, Julia, Juan D. & Abraham), but who are the others? He had a brother and a sister in Las Vegas, Luis Gold (m. Juanita Garcia), and Carlota Gold de Sedillos (m. Luis Sedillos). Juan F. Kavanaugh had a sister Maria Kavanaugh Bustamante (m. Andres Bustamante) who lived in Santa Fe in 1880, and was in Gallup by 1900. Is it the Kavanaugh and Gold, Sedillo, or Bustamante family? Maybe it's his family and his step-dad's family the Coriz? His mom Refugio Aguilar married Filomeno Coriz, and he had several children from his first marriage.

The last picture is of Felix Kavanaugh (center) and ?. Probably taken in Las Vegas.

Rebekah says: "If your gang of bloggers could help me identify the folks in the pictures, that would be wonderful."


Anonymous said...

Have you found the information you are looking for. I am the Granddaughter of Pauline Ortiz who is the Daughter of Julia Kavanaugh. If you have not talked with this side of the family yet we may have some of the answers you are looking for. You can Email me at morningstar.1977@yahoo.com I realize this was in 08 but I am still interested in seeing if you found your answer.

omichaele said...

I think I am also related to margarita Salazar kavanaugh (1890-1986) and John (Juan) d. Kavanaugh (1882-1961). They were my great grandparents. My grandmother Adelita is from Las Vegas, NM..
My name is Michaele Oaks and I can be reached at omichaele@yahoo.com