02 September 2008

Inquiry: Unclaimed Person Joe Lucero of NM

I just joined a group on Facebook called Unclaimed Persons. Genealogists on this list discuss persons who died and were not claimed by relatives.One such person is Joe Lucero from New Mexico.

Since Joe Lucero is a common name in the area, they are having a hard time finding who he is related to. Here is some information posted by Dra Ana Oquendo-Pabon:

From Hillsborough County Coroner:

Joe Lucero
Born: 02-22-1936 Santa Fe, NM
Died: 05-01-1989 Tampa, FL
Likely residences:
Likely locations of family:
New Mexico & Florida

There is more information on the discussion list. One of the things that they want someone to do is to check the baptismal microfilm for Santa Fe. I am not able to do that immediately, so if you would like to help please do so. For more information, check out the discussion list "Case # 19 - Joe Lucero - New Mexico to Florida" at this link.

If you wish to post on the list, you will need to join Facebook. Otherwise, just send me an e-mail at abqbobcat@nmia.com, and I'll be happy to post your information there.

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Coach Bob said...

I have a Joe Lucero in my family history line who was born in NM in 1835 and lived in Lincoln County,NM area around 1900's. He had 4 children and his wife was Maria or Marita Alderete. I don't know what became of him or where he died. I have not found records on his death, but it appears he died in 1920.