23 June 2008

Summertime Blues: Genealogy Activities for Kids

Ah, it's summertime! The kids are home all day and they're bored. Or you're putting together a family reunion and you realize that - oh my gosh! - there's going to be children at the event! What to do, what to do?

Well, your uncle Bob has been searching the Internet, and has found a few activities that kids can do to have family history fun! (Yes, Virginia, you can have fun with genealogy!)

* NewEnglandAncestors.org has a list of activities that you and your kids can participate in. You can do these activities at home, or while taking a family vacation or field trip. Link.

* Ah, what's more exciting than the U.S. Census Bureau? I know that I love to go through pages and pages of census records finding my ancestor's records. However, children do tend to have less of an interest in research and much shorter attention spans. That's why the census bureau created a Fact Finder Kid's Corner web page. On this site, kids can learn about the U.S. Census, get facts about their state, and have fun with quiz questions. Link.

* Is your child going through a "goth" period? Or does your kid just like to gross you out with random disease factoids? Well, Rootsweb has a website for your kid: "Epidemic's of the Past". On this page, kids can find out how disease ravaged the United States and the World. The page includes links about the history of disease. What fun! Link.

* Have the kids interview their relatives. USGenWeb has a "Tips for Interviewing" web page. Now the kids have all the appropriate questions that the can ask grandma, instead of all those embarrasing ones that they usually ask. Link.

Here are a few more sites for kids:

* Family Tree Magazine's Fun for the Whole Family

... and, last but not least, Cyndi List - Kid's and Teens
In case you're wondering, the little girl in the photo above is my grandmother Paublita (Zimmerly) Baca. It was taken c. 1912.

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