18 May 2008

Footnote.com on Trial Basis at Special Collections Library

It was announced at the May NMGS Meeting that the Albuquerque Special Collections Library has a free trial subscription to Footnote.com. This website includes images of historical documents from the National Archives, including military records. The trial subscription is only for 3o days and may only be accessed at the Special Collections Library.

The librarians wish us to review this website and tell them what we think about it. If they receive enough positive response they will purchase an annual subscription to the database. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, please go visit the library and review the website.

In order to access the database, you must purchase a $3 smart card from the library. This card not only allow you to access this website, but other websites such as Ancestry.com Library Edition and Heritage Quest Online. You may also use this card to access the Internet at other Rio Grande Library System libraries; however, you can only find the genealogy databases for free at the Special Collection Library.

The Albuquerque Special Collections Library is at 423 Central Ave. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102. Their phone number is (505) 848-1376. Their website is http://www.cabq.gov/library/specol.html, and you may contact them by e-mail at SpecialCollections@cabq.gov.

For more information about Footnote.com, visit their website at this link.

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